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Beauty Pro, I am SO ready share with you my foolproof 3-step system to expand your client base (yup, even during a recession)!

I’m so done with fellow beauty bosses being told they have to spend thousands on advertising in order to make a decent income. So I’m about to show you how I went from stressed –> success using this super simple system that cost me £0.00 to put in place.

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Is this YOU?

You’re ready to start or grow your beauty business, but you don’t know what step to take next

You want to charge higher prices, but you’re nervous that you can’t scale your beauty business with the current economy

You’re nervous about retaining current clients, never mind attracting new ones consistently, and need someone to guide you on how to do BOTH!

This online masterclass will teach you...

  • STEP ONE: How to master social media sales to bring you in new clients without having to spend a penny
  • STEP TWO: How to create powerful local collaborations and partnerships to bring in more clients
  • STEP THREE: How I’ve used micro social media influencers at no cost to you other than time and product to rapidly boost treatment sales

These 3 steps will help you as a beauty boss to establish dominance in your area and show you to your target clients as THE expert to work with.

…without you having to spend a thing on marketing!


Hey, I’m Alysha!

I built and scaled my own successful beauty business!
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I’ve been through the wringer and now I KNOW what works. My methods are battle-tested, easy-to-apply and they’ll even carry you through this economical climate.

If you want practical advice from someone who gets it, knows the industry inside-out and is prepared to be your BIGGEST cheerleader, I’m your girl.

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